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Our sales terms Camping de l'Océan

(1) All bookings imply the acceptance of the rules of the campsite.

(2) Security bracelet must be worn at all time.

(3) The booking is nominative and only valid for one place.

(4) Options (by telephone or mail) are valid for 10 days.

(5) The booking will only be accepted after a payment of a deposit (not refundable in case of cancellation) of 25% amount of total stay + 12€/week for cancellation insurance (optional). A confirmation will be sent to you either per mail or post. The pitch number will be given only for information and does not constitute a guarantee

(6) Any arrivals that do not correspond to the contract will not be accepted and the amounts paid will be retaineds.

(7) At least one adult per pitch or lodge.

(8) Balance payment: At arrival at the latest.

(9) Arrivals/departures:

Pitches : The day of arrival from 2.00 pm, the day of departure before noon.

Lodges : From Saturday 4 pm. to Saturday before 10 am. in high season. A deposit of 150 € will be asked upon arrival and returned on the day of departure after checking the inventory (or returned by mail for a departure before the opening of the welcome).The customer will carry out the inventory and the condition of the place of the rental on arrival and will hand it to the reception dated and signed by him at the latest 24 hours after. Any problem should be reported immediately to the reception when taking possession of the rental for prompt intervention. Otherwise no further claims will be accepted. Deposits will be refunded at departure, after deduction if any, of the cost of restoring the premises, the value of the missing or deteriorated equipment. However, if a dispute persists, the aforementioned sums will be collected in full by the campsite, pending the payment of the invoice corresponding to the damages caused. The sum of 50 € will be withheld if the rental has not been cleaned on the day of departure. During the inventory, the dishes must be placed on the table by the customer for verification and any missing or deteriorated object will have to be adjusted (key inventory).

(11) Late arrivals: should you be late in taking up your pitch or rented accommodation, this will be kept available for a period of 24 hours. After this deadline, unless notification has been received in writing from you, the reservation will be cancelled with no refund (even with cancellation insurance). The management reserves the right to re-let the pitch or the rented accommodation concerned.

(12) Cancellations: no reduction will be made in case of a late arrival or early departure. We must be informed in writing of all cancellations either by post, fax or mail. Telephone messages are not accepted as a notification; the cancelling insurance is an option (12€/week) and enables you to be reimbursed (except booking fees and cancelling insurance) in the case of severe illness or accident (see general terms for insurance); this must be taken out at the time you make your reservation.
Without insurance, the amounts paid (deposit) will be retained.



The insurance is optional. It covers the consequences of cancellation or interruption of your stay. Before and during your stay, this insurance covers the following events (please provide the documentary evidence): death of beneficiary, his/her spouse or children -serious illness of beneficiary, his/her spouse, parents or children -accident or theft of your vehicle or caravan on the direct route to the place where you are staying -serious material damage to home (main place of residence) -redundancy.

Please read the following documents for more details:

Travel insurance information

Sales terms insurance

COVID-19 information flyer

You are free to take out any other cancellation insurance. Please note that some credit cards also cover you in case of cancellation (ask your bank for details).



  • Reception open 7 days a week: low season (9am-noon/5pm-7pm), July and August (9am/9pm)
  • Pitch charges: per night from 2pm to 12 noon. For pitches that have not been booked in advance, a down payment may be requested during the stay.
  • Pitches for tents and caravans with or without electricity and water (European sockets)
  • Occupants per pitch: maximum 6 persons, at least one of them must be over 18 years old.
  • All movements of motor vehicles is forbidden between 10pm and 8am
  • Sanitary and pitches accessible to disabled
  • It is mandatory to wear your identity bracelet, entry in the campsite is watched day and night
  • Night watch of the campsite by vigils for your safety and to prevent noise
  • Noise: silence obliged in the camping areas after 11pm
  • Cleanliness: pitches must be kept clean. It is forbidden to dump waste or bottles
  • Guest: they must be declared (visitor rates); their vehicles must stay outside the campsite
  • Animals: animals must be kept on a lead, declared to the reception and vaccinated (vaccination booklet) dogs 1ère and 2nd category forbidden. Dogs are not allowed in our lodges.
  • Thefts: the management declines any responsibility in case of theft.