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In our daily lives, we are becoming more and more aware of the ecological gestures to be adopted on a daily basis. However, during the holidays, people sometimes seem to forget the right attitudes…

Did you know that?

  • One cigarette butt thrown on the ground = 500 litres of polluted water! Yes yes, you read it right: 500 litres of water…
  • Bottled water is 100 to 200 times more expensive than tap water and a plastic bottle takes 1000 years to degrade?
  • That a French person produces on average 70 kg of plastic waste per year (according to the Atlas du plastique)


The little green camper’s guide

Ariane Blanc, a freelance graphic designer and seasonal worker at Camping de l’océan for many years, has looked into this subject and has created a small eco-friendly camper’s guide with pretty illustrations that remind us of the right ecological gestures during our holidays.

Eco-responsible advice for your holidays

Take your tote bag, your water bottle (the water at the campsite is portable!), your mug (for the small coffee or fresh orange juice from the campsite grocery shop), sort your waste (yes, we do separate waste at the campsite) and buy your vegetables at the local markets (every Monday morning at Carcans Plage or Wednesday at Maubuisson)!

When you go to the beach, make sure to take all your rubbish when you leave and if you can, pick up a few bits of plastic rubbish lying around on the ground and throw them in the rubbish bins provided for this purpose when you get back from the beach!

The planet, the ocean and the Camping team thank you 😉

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